National Association of the Deaf

NAD Board Update: January 2013

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[VIDEO] The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is pleased to announce that the January 2013 NAD Board Video Update is here! Watch this video to learn all about what is going on with the NAD, and what our Board members were discussing, or had to report, during their recent meeting in Atlanta!


The NAD logo appears on a royal blue background, with the words "National Association of the Deaf" and "" on-screen. The logo fades into a black background, with "January 2013 NAD Board Update" in the center of the screen. The black background fades away, and Chris Wagner appears in an oxford shirt and tie, and begins.

Chris Wagner appears in an oxford shirt and tie, and begins.

CHRIS WAGNER, PRESIDENT, NAD: Hello! The NAD has been abuzz with activity. We've worked on the RID - NAD NIC tests, MOU, and agency accreditation. The NAD Board and HQ worked closely with the RID President, Board and Executive Director. We also have a partnership with CEASD to promote the Child First program, through which we've been advocating education for deaf children, and the recognition of ASL as a human right. Mervin Garretson, he was well respected as a past President and Executive Director of NAD. He recently passed away. This is a huge loss for NAD and the deaf community, both in America and worldwide. With Merv's passing, the President Emeritus position became vacant. The new President Emeritus is Gertie Galloway. Gertie was the first female NAD President in history. Now, we are honored to have Gertie as our current President Emeritus. In other news, just this weekend, the NAD Board voted on the location of the 2016 National Conference- it will be hosted in Phoenix, Arizona. We're excited to host the conference in Phoenix, Arizona! The Board has worked hard with many different committees and made a lot of progress meeting the priorities set by the delegates. We've decided that we will meet in Phoenix, Arizona from April 11 to 13, 2013, and we hope you can join us to watch us in action. Thank you very much. We appreciate your support for the NAD.

Kirsten Poston appears, with a black fleece sweater with the NAD logo emblazoned on it.

KIRSTEN POSTON, SECRETARY, NAD: The employment taskforce has met and included 12 people from diverse backgrounds. Some are federal employees, some are from the private sector, and even an interpreter. We discussed our different perspectives and studied the issues. We will continue our work.

Steve Lovi, decked out in a suit and tie and a CEASD Child First button on his right lapel, appears.

STEVE LOVI, REGION I: Welcome to the NAD. We're thrilled to announce that we've developed new Section guidelines. We wanted to let you know that we will send out more details soon on how to join a new Section. We also want to thank the current Section members who have been involved for many years. Thank you!

Richard McCowin appears in a light blue oxford shirt and a yellow tie.

RICHARD MCCOWIN, REGION II: Hi! I want to introduce someone. Who are you?

A short-haired woman with a black jacket and a red shirt appears to the left of Richard McCowin.

KIM BIANCO MAJERI: I'm Kim Bianco Majeri.

RICHARD MCCOWIN: Why are you joining us today?

KIM BIANCO MAJERI: I'm here to train the NAD Board on legislative issues and strategies to address them.

RICHARD MCCOWIN: Thank you, Kim. Let me add, Kim worked with us to do a legislative training with the Iowa Association of the Deaf, due to school issues in Iowa. We decided to ask Kim to come train the Board. It was a great training. If your state association wants to have this kind of legislative training, please contact your NAD regional representative. Thank you.

Christopher Patterson appears in a cobalt blue short-sleeved oxford shirt.

CHRISTOPHER PATTERSON, REGION III: Hello! We were thrilled to have the Board meeting in Atlanta. On Friday, we went to visit AASD, the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. We went to observe classrooms, meet with administration, teachers, and students. It was a great experience! We also had a Board meeting at AASD that afternoon. After the Board meeting, we went to the town hall meeting, also hosted at AASD. It was really