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Happy Holidays from the NAD

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Happy Holidays from the NAD

Happy holidays from all of us at the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)!

As you gear up to support the causes you love this holiday season, please consider making a gift to the NAD. Hundreds of thousands of people will turn to the NAD for assistance or depend on the NAD to defend their rights and this year, through our advocacy. Lots of hard work and resources will go into making this possible. We cannot do it without your support. Please donate to the NAD today to make a powerful impact on deaf and hard of hearing civil, human and linguistic rights.

We've had a phenomenal year, thanks to your membership and donations. In addition to dramatically improving our financial management and operations at Headquarters this year, we worked very hard to protect the rights of deaf people throughout their lives.

Let’s take a walk with me through an imaginary deaf person's life span...

Visualize a deaf baby signing with his or her parents - NAD fought for a law that led to early hearing testing nationwide through a law called “EHDI”. NAD is now fighting to ensure that deaf babies have access to and use American Sign Language (ASL), and for parents and family members to receive the support they need to ensure a language-rich home environment.  Your donation will help NAD protect the linguistic rights of deaf infants and children.

As that deaf baby grows, kindergarten is next - NAD spoke out against budget cuts to and closures of state schools for the deaf; NAD is working with other groups on reauthorizing a law that ensures that the visual language needs of deaf children are given priority, this law is called “IDEA”.  As we go into 2011, please help NAD strengthen IDEA by pushing for language-driven educational placements as well as linguistically and culturally appropriate educational and support services. Your donation will help the NAD protect our children.

This deaf child becomes a high school graduate, ready to enter college - NAD has fought for access to interpreters, CART, note-takers at colleges across the nation. NAD continues to file court complaints to ensure the right of deaf people to prepare themselves as well as advance within their chosen careers.  Your donation will ensure unlimited opportunities for deaf college graduates.

Now this deaf young adult is ready to enter the work force - NAD played a key role in passage of federal laws to protect the rights of deaf people under the ADA and the ADA Amendments Act.  NAD must continue to monitor and protect these important civil rights laws.  Recently NAD won legal cases involving a deaf pharmacist and a deaf lawyer, protecting their rights under the ADA in 2010.  Your donation will help NAD protect communication access and advancement in the workplace.

As  this deaf person may experience the miracle of life, a new child. Communication access at hospitals and doctor’s offices is critical.  - NAD has long fought for interpreting service access, including via video. Your donation will protect the health and welfare of our community members.

Let's not forget the Internet age for this deaf person, who by now is a parent with small children - NAD was a key player in obtaining 100% television captioning, and recently won an important battle - captioning of television programs shown on the Internet, thanks to passage of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.  Your donation will work to bring captioning to every video, everywhere including the Internet.

Now a doting grandparent, this deaf elderly person watches her grandchild perform in ASL at a school play. ASL is the language of our community and we must uphold its preservation and precious place in our world. Your donation will ensure that our community continues to defend the right to self-expression and our birthright -- ASL.

All of these situations are challenging, uphill battles that can be won - only with your support.  Please donate to the NAD today. Thank you.


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