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NAD Looks for Youth Ambassador Program Competition Committee Members

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During the 2012 NAD Conference last summer, the NAD unveiled a new program which has been tentatively named the NAD Youth Ambassador Program (NYAP). At the 40th anniversary of the Miss Deaf America Competition, we bid our farewells to the pageant for young women. As the last Miss Deaf America Ambassador, Chanel Gleicher is still performing her duties until the next NAD Conference. We are all very excited to get started with the new program!  In this video, Alim Chandani and Renca Dunn invite YOU to join their committee as they plan the new competition.  

The new program format will showcase young deaf and hard of hearing female and male Americans who vie to become the NAD ambassadors. The new program will be a competition for all deaf and hard of hearing youth, between the ages of 18 to 30, currently residing in the United States. Contestants will compete against each other through five rounds, prior to and during the NAD Conference. Two selected youth ambassadors will work with the NAD to implement a strategic plan that addresses a social issue identified by the contestants during the competition. Moreover, the ambassadors will represent the NAD at various presentations, workshops, the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), and other events within the deaf community. The new competition will debut at the 2014 NAD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Submit your interests to [email protected].


On a royal blue background, the NAD logo in brighter blue appears, with the words "NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF" in white and "" in yellow, over the logo.  After three seconds, video fades to a space-like background, with bright camera-lens transitions, words appear, "Got creativity?" "Got ideas?" "Want to get INVOLVED?" "Then, this is the right place!" Video quickly fades out and zooms to two people laughing as they walk in frame.

Alim Chandani, wears a funny wintery hat and Renca Dunn, wears sunglasses.  

ALIM CHANDANI: That was so funny.


Alim looks to the camera and is taken aback.  Renca does the same.

RENCA: Hey, is the camera on?

ALIM: Yes, I think so!

RENCA:  Oops!

Alim removes his hat and Renca takes off her sunglasses.  Both straighten up to look more professional on camera.

ALIM: Hello, my name is Alim. I am the director of the Youth Ambassador Program Competition that will be hosted at the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2014.  The competition will happen there!

RENCA: My name is Renca and I am the assistant director.  Do you remember at the 2012 NAD Conference in Kentucky, the NAD explained that the Miss Deaf America Ambassador program will no longer continue, but a new program, the Youth Ambassador Program, will begin.  This new program will welcome both males and females to compete for the ambassador titles. More information will be coming soon!

ALIM:  I would like to notify you that the name  "Youth Ambassador Program" will be changed. The new name will be announced soon.  Now since there is a new competition, we need a new team!  We are looking for people who are energetic, have a positive attitude, and have creativity to be part of the team!  

Video fades to black and words fly in and appear, one after the other. "Judge/Evaluation Coordinator," "Stage Tech Coordinator," "Logistics/Hospitality Coordinator," "Public Relations Coordinator," and "Budget/Sponsorship Coordinator."  Video dissolves back to Alim and Renca.

ALIM: When all the positions are filled, we will work together towards the competition at the NAD conference.

RENCA: Yes, now, if you are interested in one of these positions, email us. Please email us with the following two requirements.  The first one is to email us which position you want and why. The second one is to send us a vlog, up to one minute telling us an interesting fact about yourself! The email address is [email protected].  The deadline is Wednesday, March 6th.  We welcome anyone who wants to be on our team!

ALIM: If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do email us.  We look forward to having a great team!

RENCA: Alim, ready to search for our champ team?


Alim and Renca step away in opposite directions until both realize they're not walking in the same direction.  Alim gestures Renca to join him, Renca does.  

Video fades to space-like background then to black as a camera-lens transition of the words appear, "This is your chance to apply!" "DEADLINE: March 6th."  "[email protected]"

On the royal blue background, the NAD logo in brighter blue appears, with the words "NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF" in white and "" in yellow, over the logo.  After three seconds, the video ends.

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