National Association of the Deaf

NAD Welcomes New Director of Communications: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sorkin

The National Association of the Deaf is pleased to announce the hiring of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sorkin as the new Director of Communications, beginning on February 25, 2013. In this capacity, Ms. Sorkin will be responsible for all aspects of social media, publicity, and marketing on behalf of the NAD. The range of the work will extend to handling of the NAD website, overseeing the development and publication of the NADmag, coordinating all press releases and outreach through all appropriate social media, and facilitating communications between NAD and all State Associations and other affiliates.

“Elizabeth Sorkin will bring the NAD to a new level of visibility in this era of fast-paced communications,” said Howard A. Rosenblum, Chief Executive Officer. “With her expertise in video technology, we will enhance our ability to deliver information in every visual form of media.”

Ms. Sorkin has worked for more than five years at Gallaudet University, first as a Digital Video Specialist and then recently as a Video Producer. She has also served in a volunteer capacity as Communications Director for the Global Rea