National Association of the Deaf

All ASL Episode on Switched at Birth!

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is excited to share the remarkable news of an all American Sign Language episode to happen on Monday, March 4th on mainstream television! On a fictional TV series, ABC Family's Switched At Birth, deaf students fear their deaf school will be shut down. Students, inspired by the real-life "Deaf President Now" protest held 25 years ago at Gallaudet University, decide to lead their own protest. Will Daphne and other deaf students succeed to save the Carlton School for the Deaf? We’ll find out on Monday, 8/7c!

"This is a phenomenal and groundbreaking first in television history," praises Howard A. Rosenblum, CEO of the NAD. "The NAD expresses its gratitude and appreciation to ABC Family for being the first to showcase an all ASL scripted episode on mainstream television."

Chris Wagner, Board President of the NAD, is also thrilled, "I know many deaf and hard of hearing people watch the show, but I am even more excited that this TV series increases awareness about American Sign Language with the whole world. This is just the beginning. This historic show is truly a positive move forward for deaf and hard of hearing people."

This groundbreaking episode will tell a story from the perspective of several different deaf characters in ASL, with open captions for those who do not know ASL.

"I think everyone is really excited