National Association of the Deaf

NAD Youth Leadership Programs

NAD Youth Leadership Programs prepare young deaf and hard of hearing Americans to become future leaders and advocates by increasing their self-determination, sense of community, and thirst for knowledge. These programs include the Junior National Association of the Deaf (Junior NAD) chapter network and biennial conferences, the annual NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), the biennial Youth Ambassador Program (YAP), and the biennial College Bowl (CoBo) competition.

NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC)
The YLC is an annual four-week summer program designed to teach deaf and hard of hearing high school students to become productive and positive leaders. Campers, known as "leaders," are constantly inspired by their dedicated staff members (known as "builders"), who are role models from all over the United States and different countries, and their fellow leaders. The camp program fosters communication, leadership skills, and self-confidence, and gives leaders tools to achieve their goals.

Junior NAD (Jr. NAD)
The Junior NAD is an organization of, by, and for deaf and hard of hearing youth. It focuses on developing interest and leadership among young deaf students in state associations, schools, and/or organizations of th