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Senior Citizen Luncheon


At the Senior Citizens’ Luncheon, Dr. Gertrude Galloway emceed, with Dr. Roz Rosen as the keynote speaker. Throughout her speech, Dr. Rosen cracked jokes about the lives of senior citizens, which the audience laughed at. Dr. Rosen told the story of when Bernard Bragg went to an arcade, and he found a shooting game. He began playing, laughing and cheering with his friend as he hit a target every time, and soon, a crowd gathered around him, watching. This went on for several minutes, until a little boy stepped forward, looked up at him then pressed the start button. It turns out that Bernard wasn’t actually playing!

Everyone, including Bernard, had a good laugh at that one. Finishing with the jokes, Dr. Rosen took a serious but touching turn in her speech. She asked the audience if they remembered Deaf President Now (DPN), and everyone said that they did. She said, DPN should mean “Deaf Partners Now” today. We need to partner with organizations and others, especially with hearing parents of deaf children. She encouraged the audience to mentor the hearing families, because many parents do not know deaf adults. Often, the first deaf person the parents meet are their own child. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we could share with the hearing parents.

Deaf Partners Now would be a great way to ‘live your dash’. Dr. Rosen went on to explain that the dash meant the one on the tombstones. The dash between the birth and death dates, which was really the most important. Leave behind a legacy, so your dash would last beyond your death date.

With that, the Luncheon turned to handing out awards to three individuals – Robert Davila for the Andrew J. Foster Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Davila could not attend, so Dr. Yerker Andersson accepted on his behalf.

Ronald M. Hirano and Virgina Luke both received the Senior Citizen Award, and Jim Brune accepted the award on Ronald’s behalf.

Congratulations to all three award winners – they deserve this recognition!

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